donnivin – chandler senior portrait photography

Donnivin is a good looking kid…and a good kid. He’s had a great example, I know his momma, and she is the best kind of people. I loved shooting these senior photos.

brad – gilbert senior portrait photographer

Brad’s family moved in across the street from us when we first came to Arizona in 1999. Brad and his bother became friends with my boys, and they did all that stuff that neighborhood kids do…running around, causing minor trouble and having fun. I haven’t seen Brad for years and told his mom during the shoot that it’s only when seeing how much friends’ kids change over the years that we truly realize how time is flying by. Brad is no longer the little kid I knew, but a grown man who is heading off to college. We caught some good light (and created some too) at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve.

danny – phoenix senior portrait photographer

Volleyball player, drummer, high-school senior. Danny has it going on. The volleyball photos were fun to shoot, and I love it when we get that kind of light.

layton family – arizona family photography

What is it with Canadians? They are always such nice people. The Layton’s came to AZ over Christmas because…well, because it was about 80 degrees warmer than at home in Edmonton (and we have about six feet less snow). This extended family and I went out for a big group photo shoot. I didn’t know them before the shoot and can tell you, that after spending just a couple of hours with them, they are really nice and decent people. Their smiles are genuine, and their warmth and love for one another very evident. And that last photo, with the goofy faces? They chose it as one of their selects, because you know, they’re awesome that way. Canadians eh? Yeah, Canadians!

owen family – gilbert family photographer

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph the Owen family, the patriarch of which is ill with cancer. As my own father continues his fight against cancer, I really appreciated the opportunity to capture these images for the Owens. Family is never more important, nor drawn more closely together than in a crisis. Family are the people who we live with, and love with. They are the people we laugh with and sometimes laugh at. They are the people we trust, we confide in and turn to. They are the people who drive us crazy. They are the people we spend our lives with. (And in the case of the Owens, they are the people who make the most amazing tamales!)